23rd Annual General Body Meeting will be held on 20th August 2017  |  

Welcome To Delhi Malayalee Latin Catholic Association

     Delhi Malayalee Latin Catholic Association (DMLCA) was officially launched during the General Body Meeting of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), held in New Delhi in the year 1994, with the expressed desire of Late Archbishop Alan de Lastic of the Archdiocese of Delhi with the participation of all the bishops belonging to the Latin Province of Kerala who attended the General Body meeting, and the active involvement of the clergy, religious and the laity originally belonging to the Latin Community in Kerala but working and settled down in the Archdiocese of Delhi.

     DMLCA functions as a fellowship or coming together of all priests, religious and the laity hailing from the Latin Province of Kerala and settled down in the National Capital Region of Delhi.

      DMLCA is a Registered Society registered under Societies Act in the year 2006 with legal status to undertake social, cultural, educational and developmental activities for the welfare of the society, especially for the economically and socially backward Malayalee Latin Catholic Community in Delhi.

      DMLCA by means of regular meetings, cultural programmes, social and economic endevours, tries to bring together all the members of the Malayalee Latin Catholic Community under a common platform and help the community members to get integrated into the main stream of the Catholic Community of the Archdiocese of Delhi, and developing themselves into a strong and close-knit community and contribute substantially towards the growth and building of the Christian community in the National Capital Region.

      DMLCA takes initiatives to identify talented youth from the community and support them to develop to their maximum and reach the top of the ladder of success in the highly competitive society. It offers various opportunities to know each other; it tries to extend a welcome and supportive hand to the bachelors, spinsters and families struggling to cope with the stress and anxiety in finding suitable jobs/life partners and to get settled in Delhi fulfilling their ordinary dreams and legitimate aspirations for a better life.

      DMLCA invites you to come and join with this venture and support its activities by whole-hearted cooperation and generous contribution.